Programs and files do not open

All of a sudden my computer does not work. Double cliking or Open With do not work on any files. No programs open when the respectives icons or links are clicked. The Antivirus program has been disabled. Start-up programs do not open at start up.
Run command do not work nor does selecting any link on the Programs Menu. Is this due to worm Conficker? I hadused a pendrive infected with Conficker, which I found out with another computer.
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  1. Hello,
    your pc is probably infected by a virus!
    Some viruses are capable of disabled Norton antivirus else!

    using a live cd and remove the virus!
  2. Create a Avrira CD from, boot your computer off that rescue disk and do a virus scan.

    You will be doing this on another PC of-course and just using the CD in your infected one. After you run the scan with Avira, and can boot again, download a spyware removal utility compatible with your OS (may be tough to find that for an older OS), and run it.
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