Password monthly changing... HELP!

So my company has recently decided they would like to purchase some software that will automatically prompt the user at the beginning of every month to change their password. I really have no idea where to start looking for such software. Do bigger businesses like Dell offer this? or am I forced to go out to a more 3rd party company?

Also, the software needs to be able to be installed on our servers so that it will update the password there for them too.
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  1. Does it have to be the start of the month, rather than just once a month? Do you mean the Windows network password? Surely that's trivial. Or is there some other password? (I'm assuming Windows Server because of the forum the question is in, but correct me if I'm mistaken.)
  2. ?? is this from a windows server with windows clients???

    its trivial just turn it on in the active directory, user policy.
  3. yes I am running windows server 2003 on all my servers and all clients are on xp. basically once a month, I want the clients to be prompted to change their password. by doing this, it would change the client's pc's password for that account as long as the client's password on all the servers it has access too. Is that what happens if i turned on this setting in user policy?
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