need some help

hi guys
i have few questions:
before you guys start reading i want to tell u guys a few things. when i same ram in my main body, below, i would mean that it is 1gb corsair xms2 ddr2 800 SINGLE STICK not a kit.
1) if i buy one stick of ram now and then buy another after like 3months, the same ram, will those two stick work in dual channel mode. i have asus p5b deluxe. and my aim is to get 4gb ram, the same way as i explained above i will buy 1gb of ram and then another. will they work without a problem or will they have one.
2) in the above case, how much performance loss will i have as compared to two 2gb kits?
hope to hear from u guys soon. thanks.
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  1. The only problem you'll encounter is simply adjusting the timings to work together, it seems from what you've written you already have the 1G stick, just add the same modules as you can afford them and adjust the timings as needed.
  2. thanks for the reply
    will i experience a performance loss? if so then how much as compared to a two 2gb kits.
  3. Anytime you relax memory timings you experience some performance loss but it would take benchmarking to get the exact total loss and even running 2 2G modules their timing would need to be adjusted also.

    So performancewise would the 2 2G be the better route to take, vs 4 1G to reach the same goal, probably yes, you'd have to run an exact comparison of exactly what you're thinking to find out for sure.

    I believe if I already owned the 1G module, I'd go that route, I don't think the performance loss would be worth worrying about.
  4. but one thing, there wont be any kind of compatibility issues if i get the same type of ram 1 stick at a time.
  5. Almost certainly not, but remember that it won't be "the same stick" weeks or months later, as the manufacturers make minor or even major changes very frequently without changing the part number.
    However, recent chipsets/CPUs are pretty tolerant about running in dual-channel mode.
  6. i have asus p5b deluxe and pentium D 820(2.8ghz). will corsair xms2 ddr2 800 ram be compatible and the above cases which i have asked are for this ram, so thats y i asked the question. i dont want to invest so much in ram and when i will upgrade, i would have to sell my previous ram.
  7. You can check compatibility on the Corsair website by using their memory configurator.
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