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I was wondering which benchmark tests would best fit my needs for comparing cpus. I use pc mostly for CS3 stuff.. photoshop, indesign, dreamweaver, flash, fireworks and illustrator. I check the cpu chart here at toms hardware and im not sure what some of the benchmarks are.
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  1. Are you just curious as to where your machine stands in performance, or planning on using it as a base reading for Overclocking purposes?
  2. well, i want to see how mine compares to other cpu's. I wont be OCing. Im just wanting to understand what some of the benchmarks are i guess and which would apply for my needs
  3. Well heres a good place to start your education.
  4. jack, I think an useful benchmark chart should have at least the x2 5600 on the list for comparison, right?
  5. I'm juggling a few balls in the air, and bet you can find better charts than Jack or I recommend, but at least this one has some CS2 stuff:
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