What the cheapest way for me to get 64 bit Vista Ultimate on new PC?

Hi - I am about to buy a Dell Laptop (XPS M1530). I would like to try and install Vista Ultimate 64 bit, but I would like to be able to remove the 64 bit version and install the 32 bit version if I have too many headaches. What is the cheapest way for me to do this?

As I understand it, If I pay $150 dollars extra for my laptop to upgrade the OS to 32 bit Vista Ultimate (from the standard OS of 32 bit Vista Home Premium), I am not entitled automatically to the 64 bit version. So, I would have to spend another ~$190 for an OEM version of 64 bit Vista Ultimate.

Or, I guess, I could get the Dell Laptop with the 32 bit Vista Home Premium (no additional charge) and then buy a Retail version of Vista Ultimate, which would include the 32 bit and 64 bit disks. This would also cost about $350, but should give me the ABILITY to install EITHER the 64 bit or 32 bit versions.

There is also an "Upgrade" version of Vista Ultimate available for ~$250, which also contains the 32 bit and 64 bit disks, but I'm not sure it will even allow me to install the 64 bit OS if I don't already have a 64 bit OS installed.

Is there a cheaper way to get 64 bit Vista, with the luxury of dumping it for the 32 bit version if I can't get the 64 bit version to work? Does anyone have any experience with this?

Thanks, Michael
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  1. I'am not sure for OEM but if you buy other than Ultimate, yes the CD for 64 bits is not included but can be ordered from M$ (like 12$). It what I did from my Home Premium Upgrade (retail).

    The major difference between OEM and Retail is the transfer. Your OEM will be locked to your Dell Laptop. But your retail will be transferable to a new computer in a future.

    Man, the prices of Vista are too expensive. Does Bill need that much to retire? :)
  2. let us see what the Campustech price is


    $210 for Windows Vista Ultimate 64.

    is that a good deal ?

    i got Ultimate 32 for about $190. it has good
    speech recognition capabilities.
  3. Me, I would not go OEM, unless your want to stick to you laptop and never transfer that windows on another machine.
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