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Before you post: Internet Download Manager in Linux

Below this post is a helpful post regarding IDM in Linux.

If you seek help and advice on IDM, please read this thread first.

Failure to do either directive will result in your thread about IDM being deleted.

A list of native Linux internet download managers are available here as per recommendation of user jbo5112:

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  1. Quote:
    i want to install IDM in ubuntu. and try to install it but i can't install it. please give me solution

    I assume you mean this:

    Please at least try to use Google, the exact guide you want took less than 4 clicks to find:

    You have to install WINE so that you can run the Windows version of IDM on Ubuntu. The guide should show you how to do this.

  2. :P

    For the good of mankind, don't post an IDM thread.
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