What does eVGA do with the used graphics cards from Step Up?

Sorry if this has already been discussed.

When one uses the eVGA Step-Up program they have 3 months from date of purchase to mail in their used eVGA graphics card for a refund of the origional purchase price to apply towards the purchase of a new card. eVGA eats the devaulation cost of 3 months of time + the fact that the card is used in exchange for convincing you to buy a second more expensive card directly from the eVGA website. (In effect, transferring the purchace from an online retailer to themselves). Also many people, like myself, would consider purchasing the eVGA brand in the first place just for this program.

But that leaves them with a stockpile of used, 3-month old graphics cards. Do they clean them off, replace the stickers and re-sell them as new??? Or are they selling these used cards at a discount somewhere (eBay)??? Or do they just end up in the trash (unlikely). I guess it comes down to what you define as "new/used" as to how they can re-sell it.

Anyone have any experiance with this program, or purchased one of the used Stepped-Up cards somewhere? It seems like a great way to get a discount on a graphics card that should be in working order because the owner returned it not for a defect but to get a better card.
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  1. Man I was JUST thinking the same question... Maybe you should email EVGA.

    I think my next card will probably be an EVGA partially becacuse of this reason.
  2. My guess is that's where these 'recertified' cards come from:

  3. yeah, thats what i was thinking. heh. i wish they just GAVE them away... that would make me happy ^_^
  4. Well if you buy a top of the line card you don't need to worry that you bought someone's last step.
  5. I was more thinking of providing them with another used card to dispose of if the R600 is as uncompetitive with the GTX as the initial tests show.
  6. if they resell them cheaper then i dont really mind
  7. If you were someone who RMA'ed your 8800GTX because it turns out to be defective.

    You get one of those "recertified" cards back from EVGA. You don't get a new card back. And if that card ends up being bad, they send you another, and another, until you give up trying to get a new card.

    They tell you you will get a certified card that is "available" and if there is none available than they might give you a new one.
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