Another oil submerged system

I don't know if this link has been posted yet; please forgive if so. But anyways I think it's worthwhile because these guys really did a neat job...
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  1. That's the coolest oil-dunked system I've seen yet. I wonder how long the PSU fan will last with the increased resistance spinning in oil? I'm not sure the manufacturer built the PSU fan with the idea they'd be submerged in oil for extended periods :)
  2. I wonder if you could just use a big cooling grill instead. And probably just a pump to keep the oil in motion.
  3. that air pump that they dropped in there would have moved the oil around plenty wow that was truly cool I would be more worried about a fire oil and flame do not mix at all
  4. That's about the stupidest thing I've seen yet. Not only is it ridiculously difficult to upgrade, it eliminates portability, does not reduce temperatures and in fact is *guaranteed* to overheat if you leave it on too long. They might as well use cooking oil instead.
  5. Did you read it? they explain why cooking oil is not feasable. And no one claimed it would be practical...
  6. still cant get my head around oil cooling, when you think about it.. its crazy! Especially when tht guy touches the oil with the psu init.
  7. yes...the point of dunking a system into oil is longlivelty and a good upgrade path...and besides did you read it? the part about overheating?
    anyway something like this is not ment to be practical, it's ment to be fun, and its meant to be done to see if it can be done
  8. Exploding Egg Takes Out Eye. That's *gotta* hurt!
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