My RH8 Does not show my SATA drivers

Dear All,

I have recently added 2 500GB sata drives to my machine.
I have a Supermicro X6 mobo (yes its rather old) and the Bios recognizes the drives as Master 2 and Master 3 ide , but the linux will not recognize the drives.
The system is running RH8 kernel 2.4.31 and i dont have the option of upgrading the kernel at the moment.
Is there any way to get the linux to recognize the drives?

Any help will be appriciated, Cheers
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  1. Is the HD format it to the linux file system ext2?
  2. yes, i think so...
  3. RH8 is very old and the kernel doesn't have support for new hardware.

    You'll want to upgrade to RHEL 5, cent os 5, fedora 12 or ubuntu 9.04.

    Ubuntu 10.04's going to be released next month and Fedora's got version 13 coming out soon.

    Fedora replaced RH Linux in 2003.

    Good luck :)
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