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last night windows live messenger updated itself, today my messenger will only work in voice chat and the message said was that I was not setup for video chat,and I use video chat every day for the last 2 months, and that I needed to reinstall IM, alright except the Internet was operating at about half speed, this update was done world wide I think because the guy in Scotland that I had been video chating with had the same problem, and it took all day to get to the Microsucks site and their servers were experiencing an unusually large volume of traffic and was not available-NEVER HEARD OF THAT BEFORE, anyone else having these problems?, finally restored my computer to a few days earlier to get some of the issues resolved,video chat was the thing that MSKS had that I really liked, now that the've managed to fix a problem they were having, 1 piece if software that worked,now I'm looking for an IM that is not MSKS based
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  1. Check this thing out -

    Supports video / voice and claims to be a Java based MSN Messenger. Never used it my self, but from what I've read / heard, it works just fine. May want to give it a go. :p
  2. Thanks rgeist554, I am downloading it now,will Let you know how it goes, as a footnote, I just finished my newer computer repair(new HDD) and reinstaled XP PRO, kind of paying attention to how many updates, I've seen 90 with the Messenger update, you just don't know how many patches they have till you have a failure
  3. for some reason java won't instal, error 1719, will keep at it
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