Rom Drive not reading backup dvd's

First off I hope this is the proper place to post my problem.

I have a brand new gateway dx420b with a atapi dvd w dh16w1p rom drive.....
new system is windows xp with media center overlay service pak2 and old system is windows xp home w/ service pak1

The rom drive or optical drive - what ever we want to call it... reads all 'retail' disc no problem. The drive can also read all my written cd-r's which contain 'back up data', but it doesnt read any of the back up data (which in some cases is the same information) that has been written to dvd's.

I have tried the following brands of dvds that have data written to them; Staples, Imation, ridata, memorex and sony dvd-r's --- with no luck in reading the information.

The disc's were mostly written by nero, so I have installed nero on the new pc... and that did not no help :(

The new pc came with cyberlink cdrw and powerdvd solution... if that helps.

any help would be greatly appriciated - thanks for looking over this post.
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  1. Check Gateway's website, they may have a firmware upgrade for that DVD drive that will fix your problem. If they don't have one, then contact Gateway support and tell them the DVD drive does not recognize any burnt DVDs.
  2. guessing I should of said in first post... already called gateway... they say that there is something wrong with the disc that the new pc can not read.. and offer no more help.

    I create disc for my friends and family all the time... and no one has had any errors etc... with them... ima lost on this one
  3. I have experienced the same problems with several different backup programs that write to DVD's, comodo, nero v6.6. Just to name a few. What I discovered I started running a verify on all dvd's that I burn now. What I found was if the DVD was not full <80% there were no issues. Soon as the capacity started getting over that mark, read error started showing up on verified files that were in the >80% mark. The only cure was to replace the DVD burner.

    So run some test with NERO, fill the disk up completely (4.6gig) with Large capacity files and a mix (2dvd test). And see of these errors show up. They did on mine. Soon as I replaced the burner everything cleared up. But all of your backup files will be lost.
  4. One thing I noticed is that I can sometimes write 4483 MB or even a bit more on a disk, but then it's useless. That's because the disk doesn't actually have enough space but the burning program doesn't figure it out in advance. I always try to keep my disks at 4480 MB or less and copy them back to the hard disk after writing.

    Can you try one of the "bad" disks on a different computer? I doubt that the problem is with the disks, the support people were just covering their a$$es most likely. Maybe you just need to return that drive and get something better. I like LG a lot, Asus is pretty good too. I had some bad experience with a Pioneer drive, but that was long ago when DVD burners were not a mature technology yet and the darn thing cost $300. I hope this helps...
  5. Ummmm, stupid question: maybe your disks are all DVD+R and your new drive only reads DVD-R, or viceversa?

    Also, why the heck would somebody even make DVD readers these days when an excellent DVD reader+writer costs $40 or less? Get yourself an LG H62 or an Asus DRW-1814BLT.
  6. thank you for all the responces.....

    1. most of the disc are 3.8 to maybe 4gb of data....
    2. can not produce any erros reading the disc's ... because .. it doesnt read the discs.
    3. the "bad discs" can be read in (3 other pc's here in the house)
    4. there is no such thing as a stupid question
    5. the "bad discs" are both dvd-r and dvd+r.. tis a mixture of types and brands of discs.
    6. according to invoice... dvd rom can read just about every type of dvd on the market....

    * good friend suggest to try and use my old dvd rom from old system... in new b ox... to eliminate the possibility of the os on new bx..... will post my findings on that.

    ** also burnt a dvd on new box... gonna test disc in old bx
    " Ima going in!"
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