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VB 5.0 driver issues and a problem with mscomm32.ocx

I am trying to run a VB 5 program on vista, but i am running into some errors. I found some fixes that worked for some people, namely:

1. turning off UAC
2. installing msvbvm50.dll and also the 60 version
3. installing mscomm32.ocx
4. using regsvr to register the drivers
5. running all this stuff in admin mode


nothing seems to do the trick. At first when i would run the program I would get errors messages, saying that the drivers were missing or not working properly. Now i am not getting any error message but the program is not running. When I dbl click it i will get a "working" mouse for a few seconds, and than nothing. I am really stumped. I am about to wipe out vista and go back to xp, or maybe even 98. This computer has no use for any thing other than to run the program, this is the computer single use. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hmmm... VB5 was released a Decade ago. And VB6 was End Of Life'd - Support was ended in 2005 unless you have the extended plan...

    Pretty safe to say that your stuff isn't likely to run on Vista.
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