Cant install antivirus in win 2000

Hello, I want to install anti virus
in server 2000, but can't. Quick heal total security 2011 gives error message " this is only for server operating system and avira want service pack 4 roll up 1.
I already installed service pack 4. What should I do. Please suggest. Thnx in advance.
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  1. I use the free and open source ClamWin on Windows 2000 machines.
  2. Clam Win is a good antivirus, hwoever the last time I knew it wasn't real-time shielding.

    I know that Avast 5.0 was working for a while and you might want to give it a try. Avast is up to version 6.0 but the last time I checked definitions were still being released for version 5.0. The final version for Windows 2000 is 5.0.677.

    (File name: setup_av_free.exe, file size 52.5MB):
  3. Rollup 1 is the "Service Pack 5" for Windows 2000 that all of us users wanted but that they refused to release. If you go the the windows update page in Internet Explorer you should see Rollup 1 for Service Pack 4 as an install option. While i highly recommend Avast or AVG antivirus you can just as easily use that one that you wanted by fixing the Rollup problem.
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