BlueScreen error post Vista Home Prem 64 bit install

I have just built a new home system (Phenom 9500 2.2 Ghz, 2GB 1066 Mhz RAM, 4 SATA HD RAID 10) and installed Vista Home Premium. It seemed to be working fine so I decided to load some of the drivers for the MB, Vid card, CPU etc.

Like a "BONE HEAD" I installed them one after another in a daisy chain without rebooting between to see if they caused any problems. The Problem Event Name is Blue Screen. and there are some .dmp files that are alleged to have more information but I cannot find the correct app to display them in a text format.

I have restarted in SAFE mode but since I have not loaded any other apps- can't figure out a way to read these files to unlock the answer I know is there.


Raidin "Bone Head" Dave
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  1. Maybe if you tell us which things exactly you installed we might be able to narrow down the most likely suspect.

    Can you use system restore to back out and then try installing the stuff one by one?

    And list your system specs please.
  2. I would restart from scratch.
    1) Reinstall Vista.
    2) Windows Update.

    At this point, Vista should be pretty good.

    3) I would then go on "Device Manager" and see which hardware has no driver. I would get the newest driver on the MB site.

    4) Install the latest video driver from manufacturer.
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