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I'm currently streaming through windows server 2003 using wms. Whem I embed the source code ppl can easly copy/steal my source and use on their website.

What I need is WMS(or something else that works) to check the client url to see if its going from my website. Any embed players other than that in my web site should be delcined access to the stream. In other words the stream should work on my web.


I'm currently using joomla for my CMS. The login form works as a access and after the subscription they are capable to access the video. The point is to enforce the stream so once they subscribe they don't steal the source and later use it elsewhere.

Website is used for VOD and broadcast content.

Any suggestions, resources I could use?!?! I think I may need help from the coder so I'm open for suggestions.

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  1. Yours is no new problem. Google has been desperately trying to stop people from downloading YouTube content but there just seems to be no absolute way to do it. If they can't stop it do you really think you can? If you succeed be sure to get a good copyright on the method and sell it to Google.

  2. The only way to stop content from being improperly used is to not post it! I have seen questions like your for over 15 years.
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