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Ok I have a few partitions on my laptop, and recently installed linux mint on a spare one.
However, the grub bootloader doesn't have an option to boot into windows 7 again.
I've checked the files and ran boot_info_script and they both say windows 7 is all fine... it's just not an option in the bootloader.

Any help on fixing this?

p.s. my usual bad experience is windows preventing booting into linux... odd to have it the other way around!
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  1. Which version of Linux Mint are you running? Version 8 uses a different version of GRUB to the previous ones.
  2. version 8 - helena
  3. Odd, I would have expected it to pick up Windows more than the others. In that case, follow these instructions to add it manually:

    Change the value for "menuentry" to whatever you want to show up in the list and make sure you pick the correct drive and partition for where Windows' bootloader is. hd0 is equivalent to /dev/sda, hd1 is /dev/sdb, etc. hd0,0 would be sda1 (GRUB starts numbering at 0).
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