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Having trouble connecting to this VPN server for a client I service. I can connect to it, and when I do it's solid and never times out from inactivity, but sometimes it take hours to connect! The interesting thing is I can connect to their NJ VPN server immediately but the one is Tampa is a crapshoot. The network administrator doesn't know why and says they are set up identical.

When I trace route the NJ server reports back with just the ip address, i.e. xx.xx.xx.xx, while a trace route to the Tampa VPN server reports back in the format vpn.domain.com [xx.xx.xx.xx]. Even though she says they are set up identical there is obviously a difference and I wonder if this is a clue, anyone know?
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  1. How are the VPN servers set up on the networks. Are the server's outside interfaces (the one you connect to) on the outside of their network, or are they in a DMZ (where firewalls could come into play), or inside their network. What method are you using to establish the tunnel, layer2 or layer3 tunnel? Are there any site to site tunnels being established? How often is VPN used by these sites?

    - techpaine
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