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Dear Sir, I was using Red hat 4 in my system previosly I installed it using the IDE CD ROM, Now my CD rom was spoiled and I bought the SATA CD ROM using this when i tried to install the red hat 4 again it was giving an error "UNABLE TO FIND THE DEVICES OF THE TYPE NEEDED FOR THIS TYPE OF INSTALLATION WOULD YOU LIKE TO MANUALLY SELECT YOUR DRIVE OR USE A DRIVE DISK" but the CD was there in the CD ROM itself kindly suggest the solution to the problem.
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  1. Red Hat 4 dates from 1996, before SATA drives ever existed. You will not be able to get this to work. If you want to play with the current version but do not want to pay for it then CentOS is a free clone built using the Red Hat code base.

    Solution - Upgrade to a newer version. Your copy is 14 years old.
  2. Redhat 4 is rather old (1996/7), it almost certainly won't support SATA devices; you'd have more luck trying the latest Fedora (the two projects were merged in 2003).
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