Best way to dual boot Ubuntu 9.1 and XP?

So I installed Ubuntu 9.1 on a hard drive and verified that it mostly works... internet was like molasses but whatever. I mostly want it for GIMP anyway.

I want to put XP on the same HD and dual boot... my main OS is Windows 7 but that's on a different drive and I'll swap em.

My impression is the easiest and best way is to install XP FIRST then install Ubuntu... is that right? I don't mind the extra work if that's the best route. I have an old copy of system commander or something around here if 3rd party is best.... but my impression is that I don't really need to get into hiding partitions or anything, especially since these are not the primary OS.
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    Doing xp first is easier since xp will overwrite grub and make ubuntu unbootable if you install it after it.

    Don't hide any partitions, just make 3 or 4 primaries and go from there :)

    Don't use any extended partitions.

    You'll probably want to partition it roughly like this -

    /dev/sda1 ntfs 100 gig or more

    /dev/sda2 ext3 /boot 512MB

    /dev/sda3 ext4 / 100 gig or more or /dev/sda3 lvm

    /dev/sda4 swap 2 gig

    lvm's nice, fedora uses it but ubuntu doesn't by default

    There's more info on fedora over here

    Good luck :)
  2. Excellent, thanks!
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