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Hi everyone,

I just built a new machine. Everything seems fine except problems with 2 applications, Speedfan and a game.

When I tried to install my game, my AVG anti virus program gave me a warning threat. I turn off AVG and try to run but got the message "Windows cannot access the specified file, path or device. You may not have appropriate permissions to access the item."

With Speedfan, the mssage was "...encountered a problem...need to close...send report...".

Your help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. For the game start windows without AVG running, as AVG detected a problem and isolated it.
    goto start|run|msconfig|startup and uncheck the box for AVG and reboot.
    Be advised that AVG detected a problem with the game and if there is a virus in there you will have no protection from it by doing this.

    As far as speedfan goes when you get the message read the report and see whats up.
  2. Thanks for help.
    I didn't know that AVG is so intrusive. I'll try another antivirus program to see if it would help. As for heat monitoring, I would turn to another application.
  3. It isnt that AVG is intrusive.
    It did exactly as it should. It detected trouble and stopped it from spreading accross your system.
    Sometimes you can kill the virus and still load the game and all will be fine.
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