Can install fedora 12 X86-64bit on PC have intel processor i7 860

i ask if can install Fedora 12 X86-64bit on PC
the configuration of it
mother board Gigabyte GA-P55-US3L
processor intel i7 860
ram 8GB DDR3 1333
graphic card Gigabyte GV-GT9800 1GB ram DDR3
hard disk 500GB 16mb cache
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  1. You sure can.
  2. I'm always a little puzzled by this sort of question. Whatever happened to "try it and see"?
  3. thank you
  4. Ijack said:
    Whatever happened to "try it and see"?

    It left me with a non working SunOS box and a very large TAR file :( [/Recursive tar is not a nice way to crash your box]
  5. That's the fun of it!
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