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Hello all!

I searched around the forums and didnt find any thread relating to my problem. I searched around the internet as well and found similiar issues but none with a solid solution. I was hoping to find one here. :)

My problem deals with the Power Scheme in Windows XP Pro SP2. When I try to set the amount of time before my monitor turns off, it doesnt work properly. After the specified time has elapsed, the monitor would go dark and it would say "Monitor is going into sleep mode" which is normal for my monitor (HP f2105 wide flat screen lcd). But then just as it sleeps, about 1 second later, my windows desktop appears like it never went to sleep at all. When I move my mouse I notice my desktop flickers for a split second.

Similiar threads on the net suggested there were some third party programs that is keeping my system active or things like my mouse sensitivity moving etc. I tried removing all my perperphials but it still doesnt seem to work.

I recently reformatted my machine and installed the essentional programs/windows updates/etc. I run on a ATI X1950 PRO 512MB video card and installed the new Catalyst 7.12 software package for my drivers. Everything was working perfectly. The Monitor turn off option even worked then.... until I noticed this new driver package seems to be a bit buggy. My monitor would turn black as I would be viewing videos off the internet with my WMP or whatever Im using and all I am left to do is reset by pressing my power button or switching the PSU button (Although strangely, 3D applications ran flawlessly).

So I got an earlier version Catalyst 7.10 and installed that and everything is working awesome again... execpt the Power Scheme mode to turn off my monitor. I am unclear on why it would be doing this by just installing another set of drivers for my video card. I am assuming there is some mix up in some file somewhere thats still being used, but thats just pure guessing now.

I recall even before I reformatted I had the *SAME* issue. I was using video drivers 7.8 or so without any problems and decided to update to the latest 7.12 and thats when I *FIRST* noticed that power scheme monitor turn off didnt work any longer. So I decided it was time to do a fresh clean install and I used the Catalyst 7.12 and it worked with the power scheme option. Its this transition between drivers or something... or perhaps ATIs drivers are faultly at the moment and it'll fix itself with future updates... but then again other people around the net with similiar problems didnt have ATI video cards, they had Nvidia.

I am assuming it has to do with my video drivers somehow since thats the last thing I installed/changed before the problem appeared. I went into MSCONFIG and diagnostic startup and checked to see if my power scheme monitor turn off worked there and it did... I was hoping to find an easier solution rather then narrowing down each and every startup application/services in MSCONFIG and then figuring out why its doing this all just to turn off my monitor. :pt1cable:

Anyway I hope I didnt ramble on too much and got to my issue. Thanks in advance for any help!
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  1. I didnt see in your post anything about your system but I would guess that it has something to do with your BIOS and the need to update them. Newer vidio cards and newer driver sometimes need features that a update provides. Many if not most of the power savings and power restoration features are controlled by the BIOS and low level system routines.
    I would suggest getting a copy of SISoft Sandra.
    Run it and pay special attention to power management sections it will show.
    It is free and even if it doesnt show you the trouble it is a excellant program that you didnt even know that you needed.
  2. Hey! Thanks for the reply.

    I'll definitely checkout sandra, I used it in the past with my older machines. I am somewhat hesitatent to update my BIOS just because theres nothing *really* wrong with the machine... it runs stable, runs great actually, its just that power scheme monitor turn off thats not functioning properly.

    and it *was* working before I switched catalyst drivers (back and forth doesnt matter which version). The newer BIOS versions for my motherboard doesnt seem to supply anything new aside from more CPU supports and nvidia 8 series video fixes. Do you think I should update it anyway? I've read on the forums that if theres nothing wrong with your system and it runs fine, theres no point in trying to update your bios which can in turn cause some more problems?

    Thanks again for the help.

    quick system specs:

    AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+
    Asus M2V Motherboard (with Bios version 1706)
    2 gig system memory
    sb audigy 2
    ati radeon x1950 pro 512mb video card
    600w or 700w psu w/ +38 amp rails or 40? i forgot
  3. If you get back to this before I do, check to see if something is running in the background that may be waking it up.
    Something I try to do when changing video drivers is to delete the drivers and reboot to get the standard VGA Msoft drivers to install. Then reboot again and then install the new drivers. Im using Nvidia and have had troubles in the past and found that this works the best for getting the old drivers purged. Especially when trying to go back a revision or two.
  4. Hey!

    Sorry it took me so long to reply, I've been swamped! I havent sat down to troubleshoot it some more but I will the first chance I get!
  5. Hey pat!

    I finnally got around to troubleshooting some more and pinpointed the problem to my ATI drivers. I did what you suggested but to no avail... but I decided to do it again just to be sure but this time I noticed ATI has its latest - latest drivers of 8.1 (I was using its previous drivers Catalsyt 7.9 through 7.12)... so I grabbed them, installed, and BAM! everything is working perfectly! I stopped trying to figure out what actually went wrong and just started 'trail and error' routines.. I'm just happy its all working fine now. :)

    Thanks again for the help Pat! I hope this thread helps somebody else with similiar issues.
  6. Glad to hear things are good again.
    Im sorry I wasnt helpful or was I?
    Its possible your newdrivers were optimized for Vista and that was the problem. We may never know. But hopefully someone will see this and do the same thing.
    Glad to see all is good again
  7. Yeah a lot of sleep issues are releated to video drivers. I found this out really quick with the early nvidia drivers with vista.
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