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sorry if i posted this in the wrong place. i dont know much about computers and was looking for some help. ok so i have a problem with the sound on the computer going out. the computer also freezes when it happens. it happens when i have been watching videos or listening to music. it doesnt just freeze it starts slowing down first then it freezes and it does this weird beeping noise. its a intel pentium 4 3.00 ghz with 512mb of ram. with windows xp home edition version 2002 and service pack 2. if you guys need to know anything else let me know.
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  1. Specs would help, e.g., how much and how many sticks, what sound card, size of hdd, when was the last time you did a clean install of Windows, mfg and model of the computer?
  2. there is only one stick of ram, its an onboard sound card but i dont know what kind of motherboard i have, i have a 120gb hard drive and a 250gb hard drive, windows was reinstalled about six months ago when my power supply burned out. its a custom built computer that a friend put together for me that i got almost 4 years ago. i dont know exactly what parts are in it. the problem was also there before i had windows reinstalled. it first started when the power supply gave out then my friend put a new one in and reinstalled windows for me. any help would be appreciated. thank you.
  3. I'd start with installing the latest version of the audio card driver. If you open the case, the mfg and model of the mobo should be somewhere on the mobo if you don't have the manual. The other thing you could do is disable the onboard audio in the BIOS and try a another audio card. It's possible the PSU damaged the onboard audio card.
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