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I'm opening this thread merely for people to express their views across 3d Modeling as I am trying to find a system which would be able to handle applications such as Maya, Zbrush 3dsMax, Photoshop (UV Mapping), C4D, After Effects, ect; with relative ease, edging into the millions of polygons and perhaps beyond.
Of course the debate is open to all Mac systems, and Pcs - including custom built. I would be greatly thankful to everyones response as its alot of money to spend when it comes to picking such a system, and I'm sure this thread will help many others who struggle to make a similar decision.
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  1. I use a few programs 3d studio, Maya, combustion studio, and ulead gif editor. Making a 3d pick of myself using spleen points and motion key frame with skeletons, facial expressions (eyes lids blinking&eyes moving) using partial affects for explosions in the world. Copied the pick in 3dstudio and started the spleen. My system was able to handle rendering the objects in the world comfortably. I found better response with real time preview if the ploy’s not being edited were locked while working in the world.
    CPU 805 OC
    Gpu 7800 GS OC
    Memory 2048
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