Problem with Internet Explorer 7 configuration!!

I've just formatted my PC, installed everything correctly and blah blah blah... I like do keep my ie as simple as possible... so I removed all the buttons in the command bar of it... But everytime I close IE and open it again, the buttons on it appear again!! It wasn't happening before I format my pc...
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  1. Many windows programs require the use of the exit command under file in order to save default settings.
    Most people use the X in the corner
    Try getting your settings the way you want and then use exit.
  2. It didn't worked... :(
    But before I format my pc it worked fine....
  3. explain a bit more about how you are trying to change your settings
  4. I just open the ie, remove all the buttons, and then when I want, I close it clicking in the X on the corner of the screen... I already tried to close using the Exit under File menu, but when I open IE again, the buttons are back!
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