Tips needed for troubleshooting Network Server Problem

I am struggling to figure out a problem with an application that refuses to create and start a Server applet.
I have an old win2k sp4 machine and had everything working OK until I corrupted the Win2K installation. When I reformatted the driver, reinstalled Win2K and then reinstalled the Server application, the Server app will not start. The only error message that is presented upon failure is:
"Failed to create /access Server, a software component maybe missing"

So, I'm not sure whether the Win2k OS isn't configured correctly or the Server app didn't install properly.
I'm not sure what to do at this point. I've tried reinstalling everything again. The server app vendor hasn't really been much help either. Does anyone have any tips on troubleshooting this problem? I've looked at the event viewer and see no issues there. I *feel* like a Win2K network component of some sort was not installed or installed incorrectly.

Any help someone could offer would be most appreciated.
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  1. Do you have all of the compnents installed that are needed for the program to run? C++ Libraries, SQL maybe, ISS, stuff like that.
  2. an excellent and obvious question...

    My answer is: 'I don't know!' The installation claims to install all of the prerequisite software, but I don't know for sure. Wish I was more fluent with networking. I need some sort of diagnostic tool to help me find the answer. I've already used 'Dependency Walker' and all of the DLLs appear healthy and where they are supposed to be.

    The intent of this TCP server is to communicate ONLY with another PC containing a custom application. I am not even sure if this is a TCP server or not.. I'm making an assumption. The desiger of the hardware/software server is Tektronix and all they are willing to suggest is to reinstall everything else send the unit back for their repair ($$$)..

    As I said, all was well, until I reformatted/reinstalled everything. To say I'm lost is an understatement!

    Just curious is the ISS necessary to be installed in my situation?

    thanks for responding.
  3. Never worked with Tektronix sotware, so could not tell you what is needed. Maybe check the event logs in Windows see if anything comes up there. This would really have to go through the vendor or whoever installed the thing originaly.
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