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Ok i just got done updating my computer and put the vista 32 bit cd in. It took foreverrrrr to come up and took 4 years between each screen. I figured the disk was bad since there was a bad spot on it. (to be honest probably ok but wanted to upgrade to 64 bit anywayz and was perfect excuse). So went store got vista 64 bit, went home tried to install it, all screens come up but they take forevvverrrrr to come. Like its 20 minutes between each prompt screen. I tried to yahoo the problem but got no help. maybe its my raid but i cant even get to the drive device screen in under an hour lol. Heres my setup

Asus p5n32-e board 680i mobo
ocz 2 gig ram
two raptors in raid 0

As can see my system should be kicking as* but im at a lost as to why taking forever like 32 bit system did?
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  1. It may be the optical drive. You using SATA or IDE? Try an old IDE drive for install purposes. That might fix you right up.

    The early Vista screens are wicked slow to load on their best day but not THAT slow. If you try another drive just don't jump to any conclusions until you have given it time.
  2. yeah i first started out with a usb external drive but decided to give my old ide drive a shot after gave me driver prompts. It did help speed things up but not by much =/ like from 20 minutes to 15 minutes lol. Ugh cant believe its gonna take me all day to install on freaking OS... I was reading about an issues with vista install and sb600 and taking hours to install. most people say shouldnt take under 20 minutes.. hmmm.. I think has a lot to do with raid setup
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