stream processor oc?

stream processers can be overclocked if xfx's geforce 8800 gts320mb xxx is anything to go by.
they increased their stream units from 1.2ghz to 1.5ghz. a 25% increase is pretty good and going by the overclockability of 8800s i reckon someone interested could go further. but how?
in an article by custompc featuring said graphics card they use NiBiTor. to verify that the card is indeed running with faster stream units but can u change the clock of the stream units in their safely too?
wouldnt want to fry my pixel pushing bitch.

has anyone out there done this?
let me know.....
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  1. has anyone at least heard of this?
    i would of thought the sound of more free performance from an 8800 would perk some ears.
  2. Upping the core clock with whatever overclocking utility you use also pushes the shader clock up in steps anyway.

    The reason the 8800GTS overclocks like that is because its the same silicon as the 8800GTX, just with 25% of the Stream processors disabled.

    As such, it overclocks to a similar top speed as the 8800GTX in most cases.

    NiBiTor will read the bios and is capable of modifying a BIOS file, but you'd need to flash in MS-DOS mode with nvFlash.

    The benefit of this is limited however, as pushing the core clock up will push the shader clock up anyway as I say....
  3. ok darkstar782 i dont have the knowledge to say your wrong i just wonder coz my card reads 600/900 in ati tool, the only overclocking tool i have managed to use in vista32, and nibitor reads the bios settings not actual current speeds at 513/792 and 1188 for stream. how do u check your overclock has actualy pushed your streams up to?
  4. Use Rivatuner :)

    This can show you real time core, shader, and memory clocks.
  5. i'll give it a try right now.
    cheers darkstar
  6. as you said darkstar the shaders increase too.
    with my 600/900 oc my shaders are sitting at 1404. the gtx sits at 1500. does this mean i have another 1000 potential headroom?
    would i need my clocks to hit 666/900 to aquire 1500 stream?
    is that safe with standard cooling?
  7. Stock shader clock is 1350MHz on a GTX.

    However the GTX also has 33% more shaders than your GTS (96 on the GTS, 128 on the GTX) so it will still be faster.

    From my experience, the shaders go up in steps, they do not scale exactly with core speed.
  8. aye sorry darkstar. misinformed.
    that card was selling nothing extra then. marketing bs
    cheers for letting me know dude.
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