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Hey guys, I need some help with my dual boot laptop.

I'm running Windows 7 and Linux Mint 8 (an Ubuntu derivative), both 64 bit on my laptop. I have it partitioned so that there's a 54GB partition for Windows 7, then a 27GB partition for Linux, a 75GB NTFS partition for file storage, and then a 4.3 GB partition for SWAP.

My goal is to make it so that the Documents, Videos, Pictures, Downloads, etc. are the same folders for both OS's located on the 75GB storage partition. I know how to do this in Window's easily, but how do I do this in Linux? I'm not talking about just dragging the chosen folders into the sidebar so they are accessible from the sidebar, I want the folders to be the same physical folder in both OS's so that both can access the same files.

Can someone help me out?
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  1. I don't have time to write a long post right now, but I will when I have time. You can access windows partitions from linux but not visa-versa, so you will have to use either a folder that you create or documents and settings (if 7 still has that) on the windows partition to put the files in and create a link there in linux. If you want to look for yourself before I give detailed directions go to my computer in mint and click on the 75 GB file system. It will ask you for your password before mounting it, and then you should be looking at what you would get if you went to my computer->c:\ in windows.
  2. You can very much access Linux partitions from Windows, have a look at IFS driver, works a treat.
  3. audiovoodoo said:
    You can very much access Linux partitions from Windows, have a look at IFS driver, works a treat.

    OK, didn't know that. Still, I think it will be easiest to use the windows partition.
  4. Oh no, I totally get what you guys are saying, and that's what I have done half-way. I even have an NTFS drive manager that automounts the joint partition and Ubuntu's startup. The only thing I'm missing is I want the user folders in /home to actually link to the user folder on the shared partition. I already did it in Windows. For example I click Documents in my Window's user folder and it opens up D:\Documents\. Or I click Downloads and it opens D:\Downloads. I want Linux to do the same thing. When I click \home\Downloads I want it to also go to D:\Downloads just like Windows does. How do I go about that?
  5. Ok, I'm not quite that savvy. I found a post on the linux mint forums with your same problem, but even though it was solved they were mostly having problems with the permissions of folders, they didn't say how to link them. If I do figure out how, I'll post it, but no guarantees. :)
  6. Have a google for symbolic links, it will let you do exactly what you want.
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