HELP! mouse detection keeps freezing system

Guys please help... Im using via 4in1 4.32 drivers...and SP2... system runs fine until randomly the mouse gets lost and doesnt work. System still works ok though. Sometimes on the taskbar a green icon appears when this happens and it says usb plug&play detection as if it detected new hardware and wants you to install drivers..... I have tried everything to fix this. Please someone out there can you help me!!! This happens sometimes in 5 hours sometimes more depends if Im using the system ... sometimes 1 hour ... its weird.. please help!!!
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  1. what mouse and what motherboard are you using? obviously its a usb mouse, right?

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  2. Well, I have a similar prob, I'm using a KVM switchbox and sometimes when I go from another system (98 or linux) to the 2k box, my mouse is gone!, well the pointer is there, its just as if the mouse is unplugged, it doesnt do it on the other systems, I've been blaming the switchbox!
    Its a Logitech optical cordless, using the drivers that came with it, I downloaded some later ones but they just locked the system.
    I hope someone can help here, its been annoying me for age, it doesnt always do it!

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  3. I've run into this problem more than once. Because of it, I ended up getting a separate radio controler for the mouse, and another for the keyboard. With one comtroller, either the mouse would lock up and refuse to synchronize (eventually the same thing happened to the keyboard), or the channels would start switching randomly for no good reason.

    Right now, to avoid problems, I'm running the 9.27 Mouseware in Win98SE, and using the default Microsoft PS/2 drivers in Win2k. That seems to do the trick. I finally gave up trying to use any Logitech software in Win2k, and the latest version for the second service pack on the website is horrible beyond belief.

    Logitech is supposed to release a WinXP-compatible mouse driver around the 17th, but I doubt that I'll try it.

    And yes, I'm also using the Logitech Cordless Mouseman Optical, as well as the Cordless iTouch keyboard.

    Basically, in my previous situation, I think I had a bad radio controller that was having increasing difficulty running the whole desktop (mouse and keyboard) ... AND I was fighting bugs in the latest Logitech software.

    The finishing touch was to change the PS/2 rate for the mouse to 200. And to avoid using the USB ports, regardless of the OS. I could get a higher refresh rate for the mouse using the PS/2 port, anyway. USB is 125Hz ... but that's shared between the two ports on the hub. And USB takes up CPU cycles that I can use for other things. Plus, an Optical Mouse is a high-powered device, which really means that it is all that a USB port can handle without errors. So if you do it this way, nothing else should go into the other port.

    All my problems are now completely gone ... so this method <i>does</i> work.

    There's a pretty good warranty on these devices ... so RMA-ing a bad controller should not be out-of-the-question.

    Hope this helps!


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