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Not sure if this is in the right section but..

anyway my friend asked me to reinstall windows on his machine, somehow I ended up with two windows XP on the C drive, I used the gateway cd to reinstall windows and it just put another on the C drive instead of overwritting the old one

So they have DSL modem that goes to a wireless router, all the other PCs can get online, and the desktop I reinstalled windows on cannot. However I know its not the NIC because since I have two windows I went to the old XP (with problems) and got online however the new XP (with drivers) it was working but now it is not. It cannot find the router, and it is given the good old auto IP from windows of 169. something or another

So I called verizon, and the modem and everything on there end is good, and my desktop is good with the NIC and cables, so I am confused as to why it wont work for me and even more confused as to why I have two XP's on my C drive when I wanted to just reinstall windows
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  1. Backup your data, format the drive and reinstall windows, you'll find it will sort out all your problems, duelboot usually give hassles.
    Just nuke it man!
  2. In a future, if you run “reinstall from XP boot cd, make sure that it see your old OS and then hit “r” for repair. You pressed “esc” when you was asked. There is nothing to do about it now. As for you problem, go to services, and make sure that dhcp client up and running, if it is try to reinstall you nic. But best option now is to back up and make a clean install.
  3. If you don't know how to clean install XP visit

    You have installed XP twice on the C: drive because you used the full version not the upgrade version that builds itself over the existing installation. Now you have to perform a clean install of the full version.

    Eric -
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