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How do I upgrade to a new mobo with Vista Upgrade?

How do I upgrade to a new mobo with Vista Upgrade?

I had XP Pro and Up Graded to Vista Ultimate. But I want to upgrade to a new Mother Board and Processor. How do I do this? Do I reformat XP and run the upgrade again on the new motherboard and CPU? I'll probally even upgrade the memory and video card. (By the way I love Vista)

Incidently I'd be going from a Gigabyte Board with a P4 3.2e to an XFX 680i Board with a Q6600 processor
My Video would change from and HIS Ati 850 agp to an XFX 8600 GS.
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    Normally, you have to reinstall XP and re-upgrade (man, did that often). But I read somewhere that you can install Vista as a trial (no key - no activation) and reinstall the upgrade again but this time with your key.

    Try it and let me know if that worked. Reloading XP with newer stuff, especially RAID is a pain in the a$$.
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