Is my motherboard or HD the problem with these boot freezes?

Everytime I turn on my PC XP will freeze during the load up screen or within a minute after it has managed to load the desktop (the cursor just freezes). This does not happen at other times...and the only way to get past it was to keep the computer running for a bit in its crashed state before restarting. I guess it needed a warm up. But now it seems to often freeze even during restarts when the computer has been on for a while.

So I am thinking of getting a new MB but I want to be sure that is the issue (I am guessing it could be the HD or even the CPU, graphics card, ram etc...I wouldn't know). I assume it isn't software since this problem persists accross OS installs.

The only way to shut down the PC is with the power supply so often the HD needs checking or the boot sector fixed or even a complete OS reinstall due to a neverending bluescreen/restart cycle when loading.

I would give more info if I knew what was important, but thanks for any help.
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  1. First clear the CMOS if you haven't done so. Then I'd run the hdd mfg diagnostic/repair software off a floppy. You could also check the hard drive in another machine or different drive in the machine. If it's not the hdd, I'd try another PSU. If neither, then likely your looking at RMAing or getting a new mobo.
  2. Bad RAM has produced similiar behavior for me in the past. Usually bad ram produces a BSOD, but not always.
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