Office 2007 and Vista 64

I'm looking to buy office 2007. i have Vista 64 ultimate and looking at this newegg item, i see reviews of people saying doesn't work on their 64 bit system, then i see some reviews where office works on their 64 bit system.

Sooo.......does it or doesn't it work with vista 64? I'm so confused. If it works then why are people saying it doesn't?
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  1. According to this, XP is the oldest OS the software will work on. Anything newer is fine. I use Microsoft Office 2000 on my two Vista 64 machnes. No problem. Free trial here.
  2. I use office 2007 on vista 64 and I haven't had any problems.
  3. I also use Office 2007 on Vista 64. It's fully compatible. Personally, i prefer office 2003... They completely ruined the interface & moved everything around in 2007.
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