Vista Ultimate 64 won't boot after update

I let windows automatically update my computer and when I restarted I was hit with this error:

Status 0xc0000221

File WINDOWS/SYSTEM32/WINLOAD.EXE possibly corrupt;

header checksum does not match computed checksum

When I insert my windows cd to do a repair, the same error shows up before the windows install menu shows up.
When I enter the boot menu and boot from disk, the same error shows up before the install menu.

I have reset my bios to default settings and have put new ram in while testing different slots.

Anyone know what the deal is?
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  1. Thanks for the links.

    I managed to get it to work by disabling a bunch of bios options, which for some reason gave me a 1 second window of oppurtunity to boot from the windows cd before the error showed up.

    After repairing it rebooted without any problems... yet.
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