Best AGP card for TH7II-RAID motherboard (4X AGP)


I have an old TH7II-RAID motherboard (AGP 2X / 4X) from 2001. I have a 2.8GHz CPU installed running at about 545MHz overclocked. I have 1GB of Rambus memory. It's still running strong, I recently put a Radeon X1650 PRO (unfortunately DDR2, but 512MB) in the machine to relpace my really OLD Ge-Force 3. I wanted to run Vista Aero and to tell you, I am impressed with the result:

Processor 4.0
Memory 4.3
Graphics 5.9
Gaming graphics 4.9
HDD 4.7

So far the gaming graphics I have seen are night and day compared to my old card! Half Life 2 is awesome.

Would I benefit from an even faster card like a X1950 PRO? When would the 4X AGP and 2.8GHz CPU become the bottleneck? Can anyone give me a recommendation?

Unfortunately, I will not be able to upgrade to PCI Express for several years, unless my machine burns up. Mrs says no way :evil: !


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