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Hi, i have a new instal of vista Home Prem 32bit and i can't view some websites which use adobe flash player.

I get a warning :non: before the express instal upgrade that the express instal is not suitable.

I checked version currently instaled on my pc through adobes website tool and it said it was 7,0,19,0.

It also said that sometimes version reported is incorrect :fou:

What gives :fou: :fou:

More research said that vista requires at least version 9,0,28 - and :pfff: microsoft and adobe are working on other compatability issues as well.

Well since i can't / won't use express instal, in case it stuffs up my OS instalation, has anyone upgraded vista/adobe flashplayer using a "manual" full instal download file ?

Is there a file available ?

Does it work ?

Thanks in advance for any help available.
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  1. I'm running V64, and although the 64 bit browsers cannot have Flash because Adobe/Macromedia can/will not create a version of Flash that runs in 64 bits, Flash Player very much *does* work just so long as a 32 bit browser is the host.

    So to answer your questions:

    Yes, there is a file available.

    Yes, it works

    Here is the link:
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