Stop error inaccessible boot device windows 2000

i have SCSI bios not installed it comming then i tried to replace the smart array controler 5300 for proliant ml 350, bt i didnt find this.

so nw i tried to replace with smart aray controler 431 then it is saying bios is nt installed bt trying to erad the card n tring to load windows 2000 then

i seee STOP errror IN_ACCESSEBILE_BOOT device
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  1. That error means Windows access the hard drive. You need to update the driver for Windows 2000 to be able to use the new controller.

    You can try booting up in safe mode to install the new driver, but You may need to:
    Reinstall the old controller at the same time as the new one.
    Move the hard drive back to the old controller.
    Boot into Windows.
    Install the driver for the new controller.
    Shut down Windows.
    Remove the old controller and move the hard drive to the new controller.

    That should do it!
  2. Answer:
    IF u are installing window 2000 then two most important thing that.
    1. Do not use external CD Drive . Use CPU own CD Drive that is directly connected to mother board.

    2. USe less than 160 GB Hard disk. windows 2000 only support 130 GB HDD.

    Apply these rule and solve this problem definately..
    if any problem reply post.
    Bye..& Have a nice day..
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