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BSOF in Vista

(Sorry For bad engish! )
I installed Xp and Vista on my PC. I don't have any problem with Windows XP. But in Vista i have a lot of problem. sometime Windows close without any reason. Sometimes Bluescreen of death apear. IRQL_Less_or_not , Memory Manegmanet, Ntfs.sys , and more...
I Put May Rams in other slots, Remove All pci cards, Update Graphic Drivers, sound drivers , ....
I have a 690G motherboard , I had this problems in vista. I Update all driveres and seem it works. for 2,3 weeks vista works fine but after install my new Graphic card (8800GT) , Same error hapen.
Is there any confilict between 690G and 8800GT?
Is there any program that say which hardware cause these errors?
Any Suggestion???
GigaByte GA-690G-S3H
AMD Athlon X2 4600+
XFX 8800GT
Apacer 2gb ddr2 800
Power 580W
HDD samsung 250GB
Xp Works very fine. But vista....! I wish it worked fine too! :cry:
(Again : sorry for bad english)
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    In BIOS, try setting the memory voltage to 2.0-2.1v. Also set the memory timings to Mfg. specifications. If the system still fails bump up the northbridge voltage a notch. Run memtest and check for errors.
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