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Please forgive me if this question has been asked before. I have used Microsoft products since MS-Dos, Win 3.1, 95...XP Pro. I have also used evaluated Ubuntu.

I'm considering setting a server for my home office but don't want to pay the Windows license fee. The other option I have on the table is Mac Mini server but I don't want to spend that much either. My 3rd option is Linux. My question for you is will I able to setup a Ubuntu server and be able to access the Window files on the server. What I'm looking for is something that will be able to do file sharing and probably have Exchange Mail server like capability like the one found in Mac Mini server. I welcome any insight that you can provide.

I appreciate your time.

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  1. You shouldn't have any trouble setting up samba it's pretty easy to do.

    Don't use exchange it's beyond evil, you're so much better off with tbird and lightning or sunbird.

    License cost for all these: $0.00

    Good luck :)
  2. Yes, you can set up Samba on linux (both server and client) as well as NFS shares.
    Here is a good guide in the ubuntu documentation:

    Note: Samba is an implementation of the SMB protocol used by windows. More information can be found here:
    Windows can also be configured to access NFS shares.

    Edit: linux_0 I think he wanted to set up a mail server, so in that case its also possible. But still stay away from exchange :p
    'courier' is a popular mail server for linux, and fairly easy to setup.
  3. Thanks a million guys for the quick response.
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