new hard drive causes taskbar to freeze!

hi all,

i have just installed a new hard drive as a secondary drive in my pc and now when i start my pc the taskbar doesnt work.

ive tried reformating it, swapping it for a different drive and re-installing the drivers for the sata controler. any ideas as to what could be a solution... im currently running a repair install of xp but wont be done for sn hour or so.

thanks for any suggestions
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  1. How is second drive connected? PATA or SATA? If PATA, on same cable? How jumpered? Make and model of drives? If you go into SETUP do both drives show correctly? What OS/motherboard?

    :bounce: More INFO PLEASE :bounce:

  2. sorry, looking back at that now i didnt giv much info. the problem is sorted now though.

    i found out that using msconfig to stop my acronis backup software from loading its processes at atart up made the problem go away! i re- installed the program and now everything is dandy.

    thanks for the reply anyway
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