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Hello everybody!

I have been searching the past few days for some good time stretching solution for playback purposes. But either I don't how to google, or I don't know the right combination of words to get a meaningful result. Surely somebody out here knows what I am talking about.
What I want is to go past 200% in time stretch without pitch modification, hopefully in a stable environment that allows me to skip back and forth and keeps audio and video synchronized (yes, I want video playback at the same time).
My background: Started experimenting and enjoying timestretching capabilities since I got PowerDirector3 included with a tv tuner card.
Winamp plugins were next. But a combination of time stretch and "strange" media mostly results in a crash. Also skipping back and forth mostly results in a crash. And after not so long audio and video loose their synchronization. Apart from that winamp gives me the most compact options I never use, as it allows me to change the speed and pitch along with tempo (what the winamp plugin I'm using calls time stretch), all of them at 0.5-2x, resulting in a combined time stretch control of 0.25-4x without pitch modification.
Media player classic is what I am currently using. It has a "fast forward" with audio called 'increase speed' function which modifies pitch and a way to add cyberlink and intervideo time stretch filter which I am currently using. You can go up to 0.125-8x with pitch modification or 0.25-4x without pitch modification. The problem is the conflict between the intervideo filter and the cyberlink filter which results in noise and not just white noise.
Now, what I had been mostly searching for was some other time stretch filters that can be combined together without conflicts, or a more powerful than 0.5-2x time stretcher.

Can anyone help me with a couple of keywords to search with. I, and everybody who could be searching such a thing would be grateful. In a flattering way, more than 6000 persons would be grateful for your help (being one in a million, ha ha)...
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  1. Forgot to mention:
    KMP can go by itself up to 3x timestretch without pitch modification, and can be combined nicely with timestretch filters from cyberlink and intervideo, but the clicking sound does appear when both cyberlink and intervideo filters modify tempo at the same time, and KMPlayer's own timestretch does add a metallic effect to the sound that makes speech hard to recognize. Anyway, the reason why I don't use KMP in combination with cyberlink's filter is almost stupid, as KMP is really a very good media player, stable, fast, etc. The reason is doubleclicking on the video window causes pause/play effect instead of full screen.
  2. Just a GOOD winamp plugin would do nicely, as my current plugins for winamp, in winamp cause crashes and desynchronization, and in KMP cause unbearable noise or lack of desired effect. At least KMP does not crash by just viewing.
  3. The situation has changed unexpectedly yesterday.
    I happened to sit on my brother's laptop, and without specific purpose opened Media Player Classic and options/external filters, and found out something I had tried to do for a while already done there. The cyberlink time stretch filter was listed twice, and adding both registered filters I gave it a try to use them together. It was a miracle. No abnormalities in sound, no slowdown, no crash.
    I don't know what kind of misconfiguration has my brother done. He's not that much into computers. What I saw was a bunch of video playback software in the add/remove programs, and some that were installed but did not appear there. And I tried to replicate the situation and the result on a clean Windows XP setup (his laptop has Vista currently) but with no success at all.
    Well, after I got tired, I just reverted the Virtual Machine to the clean state before experimentation began and was ready to give up. Probably some error in registering filters by some software in Vista has made that possible. But, I don't know why, and why I hadn't tried that before, I tried to add the "" file as an external filter in KMPlayer and guess what: both filters with the same name/description and function were able to be called and to function independently. So basically I had all I needed all along, and just needed the knowledge to tweak it out.

    In case anyone of those supposedly 6000 people need to do the same, just copy a couple of "" files from your cyberlink/powerdvd folder and add them to KMP as external unregistered filters. Then you can go 0.25-4x in a heart beat. (well, actually about 10 clicks and 4 keystrokes, but still very nice. Hopefully in a future, the filters won't need to be reconfigured at the beginning of playback each time)

    My only problem with KPM is still the double click of my first post. As for the rest, welcome my new favourite media player.
    I sincerely hope this will help anyone.

    Have a nice computer experience everbody!
  4. Hi Alex!
    Thank you for your experience with the KMP. I will try that as soon as possible (not at home right now).
    My experience with time stretching:
    MPC with the internal option set does just 2x speed without pitch correction while KMP can do up to 3x with/without pitch correction. But the sound quality of it is not good as the cyberlink's time stretch filter.
    The "" I have comes with PowerDVD6. I have tried it on a computer (virtual machine) without anything else installed (except for the k-lite codec pack from which I generally get the MPC) and it worked. I have not yet tried that with KMP, but with a fully installed PowerDVD and a copy of it could go 4x. It could not go 8x with 2 copies of and the installed version, but I haven't tried extensively (renaming filters and paths, which is done dangerously easily from inside the KMP options) so it might be done.
    Even though the cpu usage does not get that high, high resolutions and above 2x speed might cause some side effects like de-synchronization of audio and video. Still, from my experience, this is the best solution around. And can be done by freeware and a file that can be taken from a trial installation and removal of a paid for software.
  5. gomplayer does time stretching up to 4x, video and audio.
    vlc does it as well. i prefer goms interface though. either can bind hotkeys for changing the speed in small increments on the fly.
    you can google up foobar+ soundtouch dsp for batch conversion of audio files into time stretched files so you can have time stretched audio on ipods and such. very useful, ipods time stretching of 25% or whatever is a sad joke. i can easily go over 2x speed for many materials.

    theres also which claims to do the same to your podcasts on the fly, but it didn't work with many of my podcasts last itried so i dunno about it.
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