Can't Load Windows After Adding Second SATA HDD

Hi Guys,

I have just recently upgraded my computer's case, power supply and added a new SATA Hard disk drive. The new hard drive is the exact same model as my first (Seagate 320GB).

BIOS can detect my two hard drives and I have set my first one to Master in the BIOS settings. However I am no longer able to log into Windows (It just stops after a long while on the Windows loading screen). When I try to load windows under Safe Mode, I get the error (after a long wait) "Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM".

I've loaded my Windows recovery CD, and while it can detect that I have 3 partitions in my older drive (this is correct), it cannot detect the drive letters (all of these are set to '-').

I have tried resetting my CMOS. The problem still persists. Any ideas, or suggestions? Thanks very much for your help guys!
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  1. Try booting with just the one hard drive again. If that fails, you may need to repair install XP.
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