suggestion for a good antivirus for vista64

I tried loading the kaspersky that came with my maximus formula and it says its only for 32bit. And to be honest Im afraid to put the asus disk back in my computer, I had a crash and had to reinstall the os after installing there aisuite a while back. I havent even updated the sound drivers for the supremefx2, seems to work fine anyway. unless someone can give me a reason to update that driver I think I will leave as is.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a 64bit antivirus and spyware program.
Im not looking for a free one, unless its better of course. ive found you get what you pay for.

Also, I have everest and will buy a liscense for it. But are there any other diagnostic tools, like defraggers that would work better than the supplied vista ones. What im trying to do is get every program I need installed and running before I consider my build complete. Things like speedfan etc. Dont leave anything out, pretend I have nothing and tell me what I need and if you can why.

you guys are a great resource here.

Notherdude: I really have to thankyou for convincing me to get vista64. It really is so much better, just has a great feel to it and with new hardware it runs great. no problems with older games for me either. I dont get all the complaining about it.
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  1. Newegg had this for $9 the other day. It's good for three computers simultaneously for a year! I installed it on my Vista 64 and 32 bit system.

    I installed AVG Free for a friend (latest version Feb 2007) yesterday and noticed it listed VISTA as being compatible. Major Geeks:

    AVG installed smoothly and ran an initial scan perfect on XP. My friend was using XP SP1 with 512MB RAM with no AV on a notebook. When I finished she had 1G RAM, SP2 all updates, AV, etc. You might try AVG, but One Care works very well so far.
  2. mweidler said:

    Notherdude: I really have to thankyou for convincing me to get vista64. It really is so much better, just has a great feel to it and with new hardware it runs great. no problems with older games for me either. I dont get all the complaining about it.

    Sweet! Welcome to the club.
  3. what about Avast? i read some good things about.
    I also read somewhere that one care doesnt work great with vista64, but that could jsut be one guys bias. actually if everything is equal I would have no problem with a MS product. might even make it easier
  4. Onecare works flawlessly so far. I have it installed on VISTA 64 and 32. $9.99 free shipping for three computers. I had Avast installed on VISTA 32, but the program seemed to be noticable running in the background for some reason. I ran VISTA 64 for many months with no Antivirus, just defender alone. No problem online for months here. Not one single instance of a virus.
  5. Free 90 day trial from MS. Why not? Just realized Onecare was Antivirus AND Antispyware.
  6. I will give it a shot with one care. thx badge.

    on a different note, do you have any problems running coretemp on vista64? it says driver wont initialize, whether its run as admin or not. and I dont get any temp readings, just 0's
    Im using everest, but someone mentioned that everest temps are off, is that true?
    I get cpu core 34c and then core 1-4 49c under load. GPU is 60c. It's not the trial version, I bought it for 34.95
  7. Core Temp does not work with VISTA 64. I do not use it. But there is a fix:
  8. The free 90 day Onecare trial is good, but if you buy the OEM version from Newegg, it will install on three computers for one year! I paid $9.99 with free shipping. I'm repeating myself, but it is a good deal. The software even offers a printer share feature between the three computers you put on the one care 'network'. Unfortunately VISTA 64 will not cooperate with other OSs if you ant to use this feature. The Onecare backup feature ius straight forward too. I already had Acronics True Image.
  9. Thanks badge. I installed it earlier. went great and doesnt seem to be killing my hardware like spysweeper did on my p4 3.0. I will run it for a bit and then buy it for 9.99 great deal. Can i back up just my OS with that? I was thinking of getting a second HD and just using it to back up the OS and maybe a few games that I know I wont erase. or am I better off just using the restore option in vista. Its a gaming only PC
    I erased coretemp, at least now I know why its not working.
    what do you use to monitor your temps? everest also? or something else.
  10. I use Acronis to back up, but I did use the back up with Onecare also. Acronis can back up specific files like OS only , did not see that feature with Onecare. I use an external HD for the 64 machine and used two DVD's for the 32 machine. I have done a complete system restore with Acronis on this machine and it worked flawlessly. I use CPUZ, ASUS Probe and PC Wizard 2008. I have 11 120mm fans and close to 30 fans total in this case! I have absolutley no problem with heat. Onlly with this case is that so. My system basically runs at room temp or cooler! LOL. This case has four seperate chambers and approximately 30 fans. A cool running system defined! No problem.
  11. wow, i think that case is bigger than my coolermaster stacker 830. I have 7 fans going in it. seems to be pretty cool.
    I will check out acronis
  12. I downloaded probe. seems like a good program. It doesnt give individual core readings like everest. are they important? because I notice that probe anbd everest have the exact same cpu and MB readings. which are 27 and 33 at idle and 43 46 under load. but the indivudual cores in everest are reading 60-68.
    is this something to worry about?

    I have another question if you dont mind. I remember you telling me that you set your ram to 2.1v. did you set it at 2 or 2.2 and it reads 2.1 in probe? because when i set mine to 2.1 it reads 2.19 in probe and everest.
  13. PC Wizard 2008 gives individual core temps, voltages, GPU temp, etc. My RAM voltage is still 2.1 in BIOS. I'll have to check to see if PC Wizard shows RAM voltage. Probe reads 2.19v to my system RAM too. I've read the MB auto overvolts everything?

    Question about 'sleep'. When I log off and select 'sleep' my system shuts down and when I touch the mouse/keyboard the system resumes, but the monitor does not come on. If I go into BIOS in 'Suspend' and select 'S1' instead of 'Auto' or "S3' the monitor will go to sleep and awaken, but the system will not go into sleep!? Any thoughts on 'sleep' function of the MB? Sleep worked perfect with VISTA 32 and my old P5B Deluxe.

    Edit in bold.
  14. I havent tried sleep. I usually just shut it down. But I have heard that there are sleep issues with vista64 and sp1 is supposed to address them
    i will try it on my machine after I get some sleep myself lol.
    I am on midnights

    this is weird though 42 cpu temp and 58 58 65 65 for the cores under full load.
  15. I installed sp1 (not beta) yesterday. I'm thinking it became available to me because I have VISTA 64 ultimate? Don't know for sure why I was offered the final sp1.
  16. badge said:
    I installed sp1 (not beta) yesterday. I'm thinking it became available to me because I have VISTA 64 ultimate? Don't know for sure why I was offered the final sp1.

  17. I was stunned when SP1 showed up as a download. I checked and doubled checked and tripled check and checked again. It was the real thing! I was sure it was a BETA testing version. Not so. My build is SP1 now!
  18. I then tried to find a way to order a SP1 CD online at Microsoft and I realized SP1 hadn't been released yet, a CD was doubtful.
  19. sleep works fine on my machine. I tested it after 9 hours of sleep and it came right back on. Then I tested it after 15 minutes and right back on.
    Did sp1 help you at all?

    Ive had 3 crashes since I installed one care and a few ms updates. Im wondering what is causing it. Ive also noticed my machine is a bit slower when booting up. when the icon's come on the screen they are white and then they are filled in. The HD light stays on alot also, even when I am just surfing the web. Im thinking of rolling it back and seeing what happens.
    This only started after I installed xp pro office,which seems to work ok, a few misc MS updates and then one care. anyone else have this problem
  20. Yeah, I used no AV at all for months on here and the machine ran faster that way, obviously. I thought Onecare was less noticable than AVG, which I had installed on VISTA 32. My system has zero crashes with Onecare since I installed it last week. I have no issues with Sp1 either. Runs smooth so far. I'm still working on why 'sleep' is malfunctioning on here.
  21. I lowered my ram voltage to 2.0 in bios. now reads 2.1 in every program.
    the mb seems to overvolt it by .09. I changed it hoping that might be why it locked up. I will try it again when i get home from work in the morning. but I have a sneaky suspicion its one care or another uodate I did. it only crashed when I was playing a game not in windows, so it could be a conflict there. I also had to tell one care to always allow warcraft to access the internet.
    I dont mind it taking longer to boot, big deal, its still alot faster booting than my old p4 3.0 and xp.
  22. I was getting system crashes with 2.0v setting on the 8GB of RAM. At 2.1v I have no crashes. I had 4 x 1 GB of G. Skill PC6400 (Micron chip) in here and 2.0v was good. The PC6400 ran at 4-4-4-12 at 800+ MHz. The same RAM would clock over 1000 MHz. on my P5B with an e6600 at 2.2-2.3v until a DIMM failed and had to be RMA's. I have 5 GBs of this. I have 3 running on my son's P5B Deluxe Q6600.

    I'm very happy to have the 8GBs running at 1066 Mhz. on here. I think it's great RAM, Micron or not, for now. I linked this thread about the G. Skill Powerchip DIMMS earlier. These are good for the price!
  23. I didnt have any at 1.98 which it defaults to in bios. Only had crashes after some updates and install of one care. 3dmark crashed also after 2 minutes. I change it to 2.1 but it read 2.19 in cpuz and everest. so i backed it down to 2.0.
    Thinking back on my one care install I had to do a reset after it rebooted to finish the installation. It rebooted then I got to the part where you get the microsoft loading screen, green blocks moving forward, then screen went black for 5 minutes. I thought it locked up so I reset it. when i got back to windows it showed one care installed fine. maybe i should reinstall it.
    its also saying its only "fair" because I ahvent done a backup yet
  24. I have my ram running at 800mhz. I didnt want to overclock it yet. I will do the procesor first then the ram
  25. So you went to the Q6600? I have the 'Q' running since last April I believe. Also had the e6600 running since the week it came out. The PC2 8000 runs at 1066 Mhz, but I don't expect it to run much more than that.

    You can open Onecare and 'adjust settings' and turn off the backup function. I don't know, Oncare works on here just fine for abut a wek. I get no systems crashes loading any software. I think my BIOS (907) may be causing my 'sleep' problem. BIOS doesn't support S3 (suspend to RAM fully. But then you are running 907 and have no problem? I had no problem with VISTA 32, but with 64 I can't suspend to RAM properly. I can suspend to S1 in BIOS, but that only turns off the monitor and resumes on command. The system won't suspend. May mention this on ASUS product wepage forum.
  26. I have no problems with sleep on vista64. I only tried it twice but both times worked fine. once after 9 hours and once after 15 minutes. and Im runnning bios 0907. same problem after sp1?

    I may reinstall it and see where I go from there. typically ive turned off any AV I have and just run a scan once a week because its always taken up alot of resources. especially spysweeper on my pentium 4.
    But with my new hardware and a quad I figured I wouldnt even see a performance hit. I guess I was wrong lol.

    I got the q6600 because I felt 4 cores would become the smarter option as time went by. especially when overclocked. Ive read that once you get to 3.0ghz the cpu ceases to be the limiting factor in games. and then its on the videocard. but I have a gts512 and a 22" monitor. so I should be good. even at stock crysis runs on high at 1680x1050 and i beleive its only stuttered once or twice.

    This might be a dumb idea, but does your video card come with two connectors on the back? try and switch it to the other one. maybe its not getting the signal to turn back on. sounds weird that the machine turns on but no output to the monitor. I would think its a vista issue rather than bios. but you would know better than me

    I left my ram at 800 but Im going to move it to 1000 or 1066. I might do it before I OC. to make sure its stable. If I move it to 1000mhz and then I overclock the cpu will that change the ram speed at all?
  27. ive spoken to asus twice. both times very unhelpful.
  28. Did you try it with a different videocard?

    I changed the backup settings for one care and since then no crashes. Maybe its one of those things where the AV wants your atention, and ends up locking up whatever your running :) but I played games for 4 hours this morning with no problems or crashes. so unles it happens again I will figure its just one of those things
  29. I read somewher else to switch the video card to the other DVI connector, haven't tried that yet. Tried everythibng else! Reinstalled My Logitech G15 keyboard and G5 mouse drivers. Tried S1, S3 and auto in BIOS. Tried many different Power configs. looked over my event viewer log. Nothing there specifically related to the problem. I would sya the BIOS doesn't support sleep with Vista 64, but you have the same BIOS and it works. It must be related to a piece of hardware that is not cooperating. Or something like a driver, Nvidia Vista 64 8 series? Don't know? This is best link I have found to adjustments made in 'Power Options'. My system goes into sleep, but the monitor fails to come out of sleep and the system hangs unless I go to the S1 BIOS seting. Then the monitor will sleep off and back on, but the machine will not shut down into sleep!

    regarding your question about overclocking your CPU by increasing the FSB. Of course, when you increase the FSB the CPU will be taken to higher speeds, but so is the rest of your system hardware operating on that BUS. So, if you set the RAM (adjsutment can be made indibvidually) to 1066 (PC8500 or 8.5 GB per second transfer rate to CPU) when you increaae the FSB to overclock the CPU, the RAM will be taken higher also. I think around 1100 MHz. is around max for this RAM. So, again depending on high you take your FSB (default is 266 with Q6 and 333 Mhz. with E8) you may have to set the RAM spedd slightly lower that 1066 Mhz. to compensate for the increase in the FSB.
  30. your the best badge, thx

    what videocard are you using? Im using the evga gts512, and I went to their site and downloaded the latest driver and any hotfixes. I was having a problem with COD4. from that point forward its worked flawlessly.
    I think your better off getting the driver from the card manufacturer, might be optimized for their card. but Im not sure also has a list of hotfixes for vista. click on each file and it tells you if you have it already. pretty straightforward.
    Not to piss you off, but ive been using sleep alot lately lol. one click and its right back to where it was.
  31. I haven't had time to troubleshhot the sleep issue any more. I always use the latest driver from for my MSI 8800GTS 640 OC. Would't mind crossfiring a couple of 3870's sometime. I also have a 7900GTO, 1900GT, 1800XT, 2 x 7800GT. 2 x 7600GT, two x800gto's, two 6600gt's, 5900Ultra and a host of other cars running or used as spares. LOL! If a new driver comes out it takes a about a week to update all my machines! I've never tried a video driver from the Mfg. Always the latest from Nvidia or ATI/AMD.

    I'm going to check out VISTA 64. com. Yeah my sleep used to work flawlessly and I used it a lot. Acturally, that was with my P5B and Q6600 with VISTA 32. Then I swapped out that to this X38, E8400 and VISTA 64. I am thinking maybe the Onecare had something to do with it, but then you have Onecare! I'm stumped. Unless I set my BIOS to the S1 option insted of AUTO, then the monitor shuts down and back on again perferct, but the rest of the system doesn't shut down. With S3 setting the monitor hangs and the rest of the system shuts down and back on perfect! S3 means suspend to RAM.
  32. wow, alot of videocards. did you try a different one? Its a wacky problem thats for sure.
    Im sure its the same driver but I found it at evga's site. But I also did every MS hotfix they had so for all I know it was one of the hotfixes that removed the problem.
  33. your not going to beleive this. I had the same problem with sleep as you. momnitor wouldnt come on. then I had two BSOD's while it tried to recover windows.
    then I shut it down. turned it back on and booted into windows but I had this grey box on screen that says

    I AM SERVICE!!!!
    which had this inside it

    ucId: 0x04070010 (67567632)
    ucId: CPU Q-FAN Control

    on the left of the box it said "aigear" and then button 2-5 and 7 which when pushed gave the info I printed above. very weird. I am going to reboot and see if its still there

    @#$%^&&* sleep
    dwStatus: 0x80000000 (-2147483648)
    nOptions: 0x00000002 (2)
    nDefaultOption: 0x00000000 (0)
    nCurrentOption: 0x00000000 (0)
    ucId: 0x04080011 (67633169)
    ucId: CPU Q-FAN Profile
    dwStatus: 0x00100001 (1048577)
    nOptions: 0x00000003 (3)
    nDefaultOption: 0x00000000 (0)
    nCurrentOption: 0x00000000 (0)
    ucId: 0x04070070 (67567728)
    ucId: Chassis Q-FAN Control
    dwStatus: 0x80000000 (-2147483648)
    nOptions: 0x00000002 (2)
    nDefaultOption: 0x00000000 (0)
    nCurrentOption: 0x00000000 (0)
    ucId: 0x04080071 (67633265)
    ucId: Chassis FAN Ratio
    dwStatus: 0x00700001 (7340033)
    nOptions: 0x00000005 (5)
    nDefaultOption: 0x00000000 (0)
    nCurrentOption: 0x00000000 (0)
    Actual ratio:90
  34. I had the same gray box appear on my prior system, but not ths one. I don't have any A1grear installed on here. Only Probe and Update.
  35. Me neither, i never installed the aisuite. So it makes no sense to me. I did the first time I built it but windows got corrupted and I formatted the drive and rebuilt it.
    Thats the end of sleep mode for Me lol
  36. Yeah, AiSuite caused my keyboard to stop working in windows when I installed it originally. I used a system restore to correct then read on the product page website about the problems with Aisuite. There is a fix there, but I don't use AiSuite so I never reinstalled it. I have a folder titled 'fix sleep issue' with nio less than 10 links kept there. I've tried everything and come to the conclusion a lot of people have issues with sleep. We both have 8 gbs of RAM, I didn't have this sleep problem with 4gigs, a Q660 and a P5b965 Deluxe. Sleep worked perfectly, but I would occasaionally get that gray box too! So, we are suspending to RAM (S3 or AUTO) setting in BIOS. For some reason, the machine will not awaken completely from RAM?

    I even tried this when I noticed my hibernation files were deleted through Disk Cleanup. I restored my files and still came up with a lame sleep mode on this machine.

    I tried following this guy's suggestions, but it didn't work.
  37. One thing that did happen is kind of weird. when I clicked the leftmouse button, the system would start up but not the monitor. just like you.

    but... the first two times I used restore I hit the back button on my mouse. little red nub on the left side of the mouse. both times it restored perfectly. Now, having said that Im not going to test it again because I dont want a permanent BSOD i cant recover from, and since I can go a couple days without using my computer its no big deal to turn it off
  38. If I set BIOS to AUTO the system will shut down then power back on, but hangs and won't let the monitor come from sleep. I can hit the reset button and restart, no blue screen.

    If I set BIOS to S3, again the system powers back up with no monitor, then the reset button will not restart the system. I have to turn off the PSU and back on to get the system 'unhung'.

    Now if I set BIOS to S1, the monitor powers down and back on again perfectly! But the system just keeps running and doesnt power down into RAM.

    I m ay try the mouse side buttons, but I doubt that work for this system. If I am try to come out of sleep and click the mouse, the mouse comes on, but the keyboard doesn't. I have to touch the keyboard seperately to get it to come back on. Both keyboard and mouse are USB and each has to be brought back from sleep seperately. Just weird.
  39. that is weird. I bet its a vista64 problem. for me its relatively minor. But I can see where its a pain in the @#$
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