64 bit or 32 bit for Intel Core2Quad Q6600 processor?

hey folks,

I'm gonna get an Intel Core2Quad Q6600, and will use DDR2 ram, and want to use Win xp - do I need to install Windows XP 64 bit?? or can I continue to use my old 32 bit??
I heard win xp can't "see" more than 3 GB RAM - does this apply also to win xp 64bit???
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  1. The 64bit will recognize 4GB, while the 32bit only 3GB. There can be more conflicts with 64, e.g., there was a thread recently re: updating the BIOS of an ASUS mobo, the ASUS Windows tool for updating the BIOS doesn't work with the 64 and there's more of a chance with driver issues, although most of these should be solved.
  2. but in theory (or also in practice??) I could just use a normal 32 bit Windows xp, right???
  3. Sure but it will show 3GB of RAM but otherwise would run fine
  4. How about performance? Would the 64 bit system run any faster as I've heard from some folks online?

    And what about the SP3 coming out for 32 bit. Do they (evil empire) put out a similar service pack for 64 bit? around the same time?
    I Know that the xp64 bit pro I saw for the same price on new egg ($140 for oem 32 and 64 bit) also had a sp2c slipstreamed, same as the 32 bit.

    I've heard the new SP3 for xp will improve performance by up to 15-20%. That's something that would influence my buying decision. I am currently leaning toward the 64 bit purchase because of the ram issue, and I am mostly unconcerned with incompatability issues because I will prolly run a dual boot system for older games and such I still want to play.
    Still play heroes 3 and 4 quite a bit, disciples 2, and some others.

    What do you think?
  5. I know that Micro$oft is testing SP3 for XP and SP1 for Vista, haven't really been following it that closely. I would google what they're doing with Pro and the 64bit version. I'm currently running Home and really have no plans to upgrade. If I were going to upgrade, I'd go with 64bit given more and more hardware and software will take advantage of it as well as it can take advantage of more RAM. I already read a rumor, think it was on extremetech, that Microsoft is already working on Windows 7 to replace Vista. Certainly not outside the realm of possibility given what happened with ME so quickly followed by XP. All I want in OS to do is run the programs I want to use and let's me do what I want with it and XP does that right now. But I don't game and the only time speed is important is for video/photo editing/rendering for me, which is really most dependent on CPU performance
  6. yeah, Iheard about 7 as well, looks like microsoft is writing vista off as well. But they can afford to, thanks to game divisions (think Halo) they saw record profits for this last quarter. evil empire can afford to do pretty much whatever they want and p[eople will still buy.

    Articles I read about a year ago (these seem to come out every time there is a new ms os) predicting the fall of microsoft are way off as usual. I guess I am secretly, or not so secretly, hoping that ms will fail miserably and we can have a competitive market in the operating system arena. But with it's other software assets and current stranglehold on market share I can see this is just a pipe dream.

    So anyway, I guess I'll research a little more before taking the 64 bit plunge. Can't really afford the extra 140 right now anyway.

    Esp after buying the 250 dolla video card that my wife doesn't understand that I need.
  7. That's the problem with wives, they have the wrong priorities. Since when has being responsible been that important? :)
  8. xp 64bit uses the same sp that was available for windows server 2003 64bit.

    There really is no benefit for 64bit os yet. Yeah it will use all 4gb of the memory because is has the addressing space for it, but really you wont' notice it. It will most likely cause more headaches right now then its worth.
  9. As a professional system analyst. Operating System in the market, Vista 64 bits is one of a kind. Its utilized the power of system memory. Think about this, why so many people want to have a better or more system memory to make the PC more faster and powerful regardless of what processor they have? If you are running only in 32 bits, you jailed in small capacity of memory.
  10. bumped thread number 5 for today..
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