My uploaded youtube videos are very choppy....

I am very new to this, I'm a big football fan and I have been recording football games on my computer through a Hauppage 1600 in 720p

I edit the videos in WMM, when i publish the movies i do them in 640 x 480 to make it easier on youtube to do it's job, I'd like to do them in high quality if possible, I'm pretty sure it's mpeg-2

but when i uploaded my first movie, the video came in very choppy even though it looks just fine on my computer in it's dowgraded format, the audio is fine
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  1. What's the link for the video? The quality on youtube usually isn't very good, no matter what quality you record at.

    it's not the quality thats the problem it's the framerate
  3. What framerate did you record it at? I can't think of anything that would lower the frame rate like that.
  4. to get high quality, use windows movie maker and save it as (local playback 1mbps)
    if you're using any other software makesure the frame per second is 1000kbps or larger. once uploaded wait 5 hours after the video is published for the watch in high quality button
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