Upgrade Vista 32 bit TO 64 BIT?

Hi guys I currently running on window vista ultimate 32 bit so far had no problem what so ever for past 6 month with vista 32 bit everything works perfect.

I Do have window vista ultimate 32 bit and 64 bit dvd edition I bought 6 month ago so I was wondering should I upgrade to 64 bit version of vista and get additional 2gb ram upgrade total would be 4X1 4GB of ram installed in my comp. But I did hear lot of bad stuff about 64 bit version though like driver compatibility issue,lot freeware programs doesn't work,etc
Any one here had experience with upgrading from 32 bit 64 bit is it really worth it upgrading? Any performance boost over 32 bit ?

My computer spec
Q6600 2.4
ATI 1950 PRO
500GB HD
750 watt psu
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  1. Vista 64 has become very popular. Many of us here use it. Most everything will run on it - there are still a few exceptions here and there - if you need any app in particular you should research it. For everyday surfing and gaming, office, etc. you will have no problems whatsoever.

    Faster than 32? I think so but this is debatable. The real speed boost will come when more apps go native 64. Right now most will run in 32 bit mode.

    Main advantage is getting to use more RAM. Get 2, 2 gig sticks so you have option to go to 8. You could even use them with your 2 1 gig Crucial sticks to have immediate 6 gig. I just went from 6 to 8 gig, RAM is co cheap.

    Are yo aware that you will have to reinstall Vista from scratch?

    64 is the future. Go for it. Just don't expect miracles, though you may find the extra RAM alone speeds things up nicely, particularly if you do a lot of things simultaneously.

    Getting 4,6 or 8 gig also allows you to turn your paging file size way down which supposedly will speed things even more.
  2. Notherdude said it very well. I used VISTA 32 from the week it was release. BETA before that. A few months ago I finally made the move to VISTA 64. I had wanted to move to a 64 bit OS since it's inception when I ordered a BETA CD of XP 64 and gave it to a tech friend. We were both awaiting 64 to arrive and He was ready to build that day, so I gave it up.

    You didn't mention your MB. Four GB RAM would be great with a 64 bit OS and Superfetch making the most of it. The 1950 PRO doesn't take advantage of Direct x 10. In any event, your hardware should work fine with VISTA 64. For my personal use, I would never build and use a Windows XP system. The system in my sig is more fun to sit behind the controls than I imagined!
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