Can new pc,w/7 Pro be dual bootable with svr 2008r2

Hi, I bought a new HP Pavilion pc today with the intention of wiping it out and putting Server 2008r2 on it for a test environment. I was going to get another pc with professional on it to be the workstation. I was wondering if rather than having to get a pc to act as a workstation, if I could either make this machine dual bootable with Server 2008 (doesn't seem like it would work because I'd have to boot to one OS or the other) or better yet create a virtual machine and run both versions off the one pc. Will it work? How would I do that and what would I need?
Appreciate any help!!
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  1. I'd create a Server 2008 virtual machine inside your Win7 install using VirtualBox or other software
  2. Thanks. I was able to install vmware and create a Server2008 vm and a Windows XP Pro vm. Just starting out with it but able to log into the server with xp pro... just need to figure out how to make either one or both accessible to the internet. Got to be something to do with the virtual nics.
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