How do i get stable?

hey, i was reading around the forums about ppl not being able to reach 3.6Ghz with there E6600's. i gave it a shot and got it. i laxed my timings from 4-4-4-10 to5-5-5-10 at 2.0v and increased my cpu voltage to 1.48volts. i got to 3.6 but she crashed while uploading my pic onto photobucket( i was on iTunes and on msn too) what would i have to do to get stable at 3.6? heres a pic of my just on my comp.

i was dual screening so the cpuz and speed fans or on the left part of the pic

heres a pic with super pi

any suggestions are appreciated :D
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  1. IF, and that's IF.....your CPU can get to 3.6, then quite simply you'll need more volts. Specifically vCORE for sure. Maybe vDIMM, maybe vMCH, vFSB.
  2. umm, how much more? lemmy check my bios what all my volts are and i'll be back
  3. CPU Frequency-400
    PCI Express- 100Mhz
    PCI Clock- 33.3Mhz
    CPU Vcore- 1.4875

    the last four voltages i never knew what to set them at so i never changed them :?
  4. Go MCH and FSB +0.1v
    But to hit 3.6 you might have to push vCore to 1.5..... :?

    You also need to make sure your temps are fine.
  5. ight bro, this is what i got. i also went to xtremesytems just to look around and all i found was 4.3Ghz and above; nothing useful.

    CPU Frequency-400
    PCI Express- 100Mhz
    PCI Clock- 33.3Mhz
    CPU Vcore- 1.4875

    my stability has gott'n better, but still have to try in a game
  6. ight, in game sucks at 3.6. i droped to 3.4 and running fine. better the what i had before but is nothing like 3.6.I'm going to see if i can lower my temps and tighten up my timings. thanx
  7. First you got to stand on 2 feet.
    And dont drink. :lol:
    j/k man.
  8. Prozac, Ritalin, Abilify, Tegretol, Anquil, Priadel, and Nozinan are usually prescribed for people with stability issues. You should see your Doctor.
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