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So My Vista Internet explorer has worked perfectly up until now. All of the sudden, after no new installs, every flash site i go to tells me to install Flash. Ok, but I did that a million years ago and have had no problems on any flash site ever until now. So i go to adobe and install flash and it shows the movie at the top of the page signifying a successfull install. Once I navigate away from that page no more flash. No active-x asking for permission or anything. Just nothing. Any ideas?
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  1. Try using the flash player uninstall tool. Then reinstall the player
  2. Yeah, for some reason, Flash doesn't always upgrade successfully and you have to uninstall and reinstall to get it to work.
  3. try the 32 bit of IE, 64 bit doesnt support flash
  4. Yeah, that too.
  5. Spikeli27 said:
    try the 32 bit of IE, 64 bit doesnt support flash

    I would say that Flash does not support 64 bits ;) . Company are not moving fast enought to 64bits... :fou:
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